Winter Bulking

Winter Bulking is now coming in to a lot of guys minds. It’s a time when men feel they can devour any and every food in their path to get BIG. Eventually the talk goes from training to eating then finally supplements. It’s almost inevitable that when guys are trying to build muscle and gain weight they will look at Protein Shakes and other means such as Pro Hormones or Steroids. The most common question I get is should I take protein shakes followed soon by which do I recommend. But first you should be asking yourself have I got my training and diet the best I can before contemplating supplements. They are supplements as they are there to SUPPLEMENT your current diet, not take over from it.

You need to be asking yourself a few questions before adding to your diet:

  • Do I workout correctly?
  • Do I have enough rest?
  • Do I get enough sleep?
  • Finally do I eat enough?

Most likely you will feel your workouts are hitting the right areas, you say you rest enough, sleep less than you should and you eat a lot. The reality is you most likely need to eat more and break down your big meals in to smaller regular meals. As well as making sure you are getting enough calories in your diet every day. Don’t know how much you should be eating follow the link below for a basic idea.

(Calculator works out calorie intake for maintenance for weight or muscle gain add 500 calories to your result.)

When looking for Protein Shakes most of us just need a little extra protein in our diet for after workouts in which case you need to be looking for Whey Protein products without all the extras.

When it comes to Pro Hormones and Steroids I advise you to avoid taking these products. Pro Hormones are a steroid as soon as they are processed by the liver. It can be very taxing on your liver and lead to other health issues too such as testicular atrophy, infertility, gynecomastia and a increased risk of Prostate cancer just to name a few.

Please find out more in reports published such as in the link below.

To sumerise for the best results while winter bulking you need to eat a healthy balanced diet and consume a heck of a lot of calories a day, remembering to rest and get lots of sleep as well as going hard in the gym. If then you are still struggling look at supplementing your diet with something like a whey protein powder. Happy Training Winter Bulking Supplements