These testimonials are what my clients have to say about  personal training at Rob Owen Fitness.

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Karen Espley (Personal Training)

I am a 50 something old bird and I had my hip replaced about 14 months ago. In a moment of madness I signed up to do a Tough Mudder.
I swiftly realised I needed help, so started 1-2-1 training with Rob. He has done Tough Mudders before so knew what I’d let myself in for! What I particularly liked about the training is that each week has been different, so there was no chance of getting bored. And he keeps pushing you to do the tasks he’s set you whilst being very encouraging too.
And the result? Despite Guys Hospital telling me I should only run up to five miles, I actually made it all the way round – 12 miles, plus obstacles, and a lot of mud! I wasn’t fast, but I was absolutely delighted that I got round. And a large proportion of the credit for that must go to Rob.
Oh, and he’s really nice too!
His next challenge for me? To get me beach ready in less than four weeks. Arguably a tougher challenge than the Tough Mudder!

Jamie Boon (Personal Training)

I trained with Rob over the course of 5 months seeing him once a fortnight, in that time his sessions played a big part in helping me to lose a stone and a half. The sessions he prepared were always varied, challenging and enjoyable. He always knew how far I could go and then encouraged me to go that little bit further.
Rob also prepared sessions for me to complete in the time between sessions on my own to complement the ones done with him which was a great help.
I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone no matter what their fitness goals are, as he always takes the time to listen and understand what you need and come up with the best way to achieve these goals.

Lee H. (Personal Training)

3 weeks into my 2 x per week personal 1-2-1 training with Rob, feel fitter and stronger in all areas. Rob is a great motivator and every session is tailored to a different area to give me the best all round results. I’m leaner, fitter and stronger, I’m looking forward to the next sessions!!

Emma G. (Personal Training)

“I have been canoeing for about 15 years, but over the last few years, due to work and studying, I have not been able to keep up my fitness and training. I had lost all my strength and fitness and felt very unmotivated. I decided to do something about it and set some goals and take on a new challenge. Being a little unmotivated I approached Rob for some help to get me going so I could achieve my goals. I discussed with Rob my short terms goals with the main objective of getting strong in the boat again and with a long term goal of taking on the challenge of doing the 2015 Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race over the Easter weekend. This is a 125 mile non stop canoe race, which I hope to complete in about 22hrs.

I started training with Rob in Mid October, and I can already feel and see the results of the hard work paying off. Rob took time to fully understand the dynamics of paddling and the muscles needed, incorporating specific exercises to develop and strengthen them. In 3 weeks I already noticed how much stronger I felt in the boat. One of my short term goals was to take on a small one day race called the Ardeche canoe marathon in France. Feeling stronger than I have felt in a long time I completed the race feeling good and much more confident within myself and ready for the next challenge.

I attend 2 sessions a week with Rob. In each session he motivates me to do more than I did in my last session and I leave feeling I have achieved something more, bringing my goal to doing the Devizes to Westminster race that much closer. The sessions are always enjoyable, and when I think I can not do any more, he somehow manages to encourage me to do an extra rep or two, pushing myself past what I thought I was capable of. I would recommend Rob to anyone wanting to improve on their fitness, be it for general fitness or for a sporting event or challenge that you want to work towards.”

Rob Owen Fitness Personal Training Client

Emma preparing for race day

Lucinda B. (Personal Training)

“Rob has been training me now for about 2 months: always a varied session which makes this fitness stuff much more enjoyable. He makes it fun and is tailoring it to my needs and I already feel the results. Hard work but worth it! I would definitely recommend him.”

Josh H. (Personal Training)

“After doing four weeks of intensive training with Rob I managed to drop 5% body fat, gain much more definition and all without losing any noticeable amount of lean muscle. His attitude is very positive and he really pushed me onto the next level. He used a good range of training methods and kept our session’s very enjoyable as well as seriously hard work.”

Anne B (Personal Training)

“I had been personal training for a year before moving over to Rob when my previous trainer moved on. It’s quite daunting changing to a new trainer as there is a certain amount of trust and rapport involved, but I needn’t have worried as Rob is very likeable, humorous and also clearly knows what he is doing. He is very well qualified and could manage to motivate even the most dedicated couch potato. Under Rob’s guidance I have maintained and improved on the results from the previous year and feel stronger and better toned than ever before. After mentioning a neck problem (work related from a desk job) Rob has targeted exercises which are helping to improve this. I would highly recommend personal training for weight loss, toning and strength, and I would highly recommend Rob to ensure that you achieve your goals.”

Cat and Lee (Personal Training)

“My partner and I have both had 1-2-1 training sessions with Rob and we have seen great improvements in our overall health and fitness. Rob is a great motivator and he takes the time to chat with you to gauge what you want to gain from each session. The exercises are varied so you get a whole body workout and Rob will take the time to explain the exercise so that you can perform it correctly to get maximum benefit. At no point did either of us feel under pressure to perform exercises beyond our ability, although Rob will challenge you and it is hard work but with his encouragement and positive attitude it makes it a lot easier!”


Paul D. (Group Training)

“I’ve been attending Rob’s group training classes for a few years now and have found them to be of a huge benefit to my overall fitness. The classes he runs are always varied, challenging and above all enjoyable!”

Tamsin H. (Group Training)

“I have been taking part in circuit training with Rob for nearly 2 years now and would highly recommend his group training sessions.  He is extremely motivated and encourages everyone to push that bit harder in order achieve a really good workout.  During the sessions Rob is mindful of people’s abilities and will encourage those who need it and give alternative exercises for those struggling.  I have seen a huge improvement in my fitness since taking part in these sessions and have successfully completed 3 obstacle runs because of it.”

Scott H. (Group Training)

“I have been attending Rob’s circuit training classes each week for over a year now and it’s a great way have fun while exercising. Rob creates a relaxed, friendly environment, but he will offer the right level of motivation at the right time to get me to dig that bit deeper. The classes are always varied and have new and inspirational ways of enhancing strength, stamina and speed. If you need any training tips Rob’s your man.”

Julian M. (Group Training)

“I have been a regular gym goer/weight trainer for years but have introduced Circuit Training over the last couple of years. The lunchtime classes run by Rob provide a quick, convenient, complete workout and really boost total fitness. Rob varies the format of the classes so they always feel fresh and challenging. Rob creates a great inclusive group atmosphere which whilst encouraging is never intimidating.”