How much should I drink when exercising?


This is a question that is avoided by a lot of people I work with. I notice gym users going an hour before thinking about having a drink but is this safe or healthy?

I ensure to offer my clients regular water break opportunities and here’s why.


When we exercise we all get a sweat on which is your bodies way of cooling down, but, we lose a lot of water through sweat and breathing. Dehydration can lead to light headedness, dizziness, sickness and in worse case scenarios fainting. Due to this your exercise will suffer and most likely cause you to have to stop. The fluid we lose is like lubrication for our joints and carries fuel to our muscles, so as we lose water our body becomes less efficient.

Rob Owen Fitness - Water Bottle


So for the best performance we need to stay hydrated. It’s not a case of downing gallons of water as you workout but simply drinking little and often. This will help replenish the water you are losing as you exercise and help you have a great workout!

So stay hydrated and work hard!


For more information on staying hydrated please click hear to go to the Natural Hydration Council‘s website.