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On Monday the 1st of September I realised I had a busy couple of months coming up – not only had I signed up for a ladies skills week with Bike Verbier and Enduro World Champion Tracy Moseley at the Swiss ski resort of Verbier in the last week of September, I’d also signed up for the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) in the Cheviots over the last weekend in October.  Now before you think I’m totally crazy, I have been mountain biking for 9 years and have competed in the OMM before – so I had an idea of what I was letting myself in for.  However, I also knew I was not at my fittest.  This is where Rob Owen Fitness comes in.  I spoke with Rob, outlined the challenges I had set myself and where I thought I was fitness wise and what I needed to improve. In return, Rob sent me Workout One.

Workout One focussed on building up strength in my quadriceps, as both mountain biking in Switzerland and running/walking in the Cheviots would involve a lot of hills.  The vast quantity of squats was mixed in with some core work, as I would be carrying a fairly heavy backpack with all my overnight kit in for the OMM.  All went well.  The next morning I realised I should have spent far more time cooling down and stretching – I could feel those muscles!

Workout Two focussed on improving my cardiovascular fitness – getting me running fairly short distances, with a set of exercises providing the distraction before another run.  In addition to workouts one and two, I also fitted in a pilates session each week, and then spent the weekends out on my mountain bike for some bike specific fitness and skills practice.

Last week I had an amazing time with Tracy Moseley, Anja Rees-Jones, Bike Verbier and the rest of the girls on the course. I learnt so much, Tracy and Anja started with the basics and built us up from there – and thanks to Rob Owen Fitness, it was my lack of skill, rather than my fitness that slowed me down.  Note for all you aspiring mountain bikers though – there is far more shoulder and arm involvement than you think in mountain biking!

This week my focus has turned to the OMM, wish me luck!

Written By Joanne Owen
Jo on her Mountain Bike in Switzerland

Jo on her Mountain Bike in Switzerland