What footwear should I wear in the gym?

When it comes to getting the most out of your exercise it is important, your clothes are part of your equipment and armour to help you or they can hinder you.

Footwear is a very complicated topic. A lot of you will say that you don’t wish to spend too much on your gym clothes and trainers, but you must think how much you are on your feet whether you are running, cycling or squatting you are on your feet. With all the time you spend on your feet do you not think it would be a good idea to invest in them?

Other than cost, there are other issues with buying trainers in this modern age. There is so many options! Barefoot, Running, Light Weight, Neutral, Support or Trail and that is just to name a few. Please don’t get bogged down by ¬†advertising on certain brands and look for what’s right for you.

Where should I start? you may be asking yourself. Why not go see a professional in a shoe shop such as Up&Running in Horsham.

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When you go in if you tell them what you aim to get out of the shoe, whether it be running outdoors, off road or for cross training use they steer you in the right direction.

They will a range a time to assess how you walk, run and examine the wear in you current footwear. They will then tell you if your feet are in a neutral, inverted or everted position.

From there you can begin to choose your shoe as all shoes have different insoles for support. You can then choose a shoe that suits you, whether you prefer more cushioning and support or if you prefer a lighter weight shoe.

You will walk away with a shoe chosen to help you perform better. I guarantee that you will notice a difference.

Enjoy your new shoes!