Don’t Give Up On Your Fitness Dreams


If you’ve made it to February, well done! By now they say that most people will have given up their New Years resolutions. If this is you it’s not too late to turn it around so don’t give up on your fitness dreams!

You may have said you would start running, cycling or even joined a gym. Whatever it was you wanted to do you still can.

If you wanted to be better runner or cyclist but right now it’s too cold and it’s too hard, maybe you need to take a step back. Not stopping what you are doing but just preparing yourself a little more.


Prepare yourself:

  • You don’t have to run/cycle multiple times a week! To begin with set yourself one day when you will go out. Then as you improve it will motivate you to add in another day.
  • Dress for the occasion January and February are always freezing so dress appropriately. Wear a hat, gloves, jacket and maybe the dreaded compression leggings for you men.
  • Know your route! Don’t just go out for a run or cycle, have a planned route so you can track your progress. You’ll have some bad days in amongst the good so don’t be deterred.
  • Track your progress. keep a brief log of your exercise so you can monitor all your improvements.

If you were a gym joiner this 2015 and seemed to have lost your way have no fear.

Get yourself an appointment with an instructor at your gym. They can help you set up a training plan to help you feel comfortable and notice results!

If you are in the Horsham, West Sussex, area pop into The Holbrook Club and have a chat with me! I can take you from a basic programme to get your results or fast track you with some Personal Training.

For more information on The Holbrook Club or Personal Training please follow the links.


Rob Owen Personal Trainer, Horsham