Benefits of Stretching

Stretching yourself thin at work? Can’t think of anything better than pounding it out at the gym? Only problem is you wake up the next morning stiff and achy?

We’ve all been there after a long day just needing the distraction of something else and to let off some steam. But when your body is crying out and feeling still in the morning it’s not saying good work last night.

Listen to your body and stretch after your workouts it’s not this thing that trainers help you with to fill time in your sessions. It has many benefits for your health which I will share with you.

  • Increase blood circulation:

It’s widely debated whether or not stretching prevents injury but it has been proven to increase circulation. So stretching may not necessarily directly prevent injury, but it does increase the blood flow and supply of nutrients to muscles and cartilage. This is what reduces the muscle soreness and aids the recovery, combating that ache in the morning!


  • Improves Flexibility

As we age, our muscles gradually become shorter and tighter, reducing our overall flexibility (This is also the case for heavy resistance training). This restriction makes you more susceptible to muscle, tendon and joint injuries. Stretching is primarily responsible for increasing flexibility, also it allows your muscles to lengthen and grow (Ehem guys wanting to gain muscle).


  • Develops Range of movement

Stretching has been shown to effectively increase range of movement in joints. This helps to improve your balance. Better balance means you are less susceptible to falls and the resulting injuries (of particular importance as we age).


  • Reduces Stress

Gentle stretching exercises relax off those tense muscles which we all get through stress. Also, since stretching is an exercise, it has the same endorphin-boosting effects. This improves your mood and the way you feel in general.

So why not re plan your future workouts and incorporate some stretches into your cool down. Treat yourself and reap the rewards. You won’t regret it!


Benefits of Stretching