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Personal Trainer Rob Owen

I’m a Personal Trainer born and bred in Horsham, West Sussex. Being brought up in a healthy, sporty and competitive family it’s no wonder I have turned this love into my career.

I have competed in many sporting fields such as football, tennis, badminton and more recently taking to running, cycling and other endurance events. My last venture was cycling from London, UK to Lourdes, France for charity.

I am a level 4 Personal Trainer and design all my fitness plans around functional training methods. Using functional training methods you can achieve any goal whether it be losing weight or building muscle and especially for event and sport preparation. It allows the body to develop and improve other aspects of your health such as strength in the joints, mobility and flexibility.

I am constantly improving my knowledge and skills to provide my clients with the most effective and enjoyable training programmes. This variety of knowledge gives me more methods for training clients for better results.

I can safely say that I really enjoy helping my clients break down barriers and making their fitness goals a reality. I hope they are as proud of themselves as I am.


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