15 Minute Workout


So your short on time and contemplating not doing anything today. Try this workout and will only take you 15 minutes!!

This workout is designed to get your heart pumping and muscles working all within the 15 minutes.

What will I need?

  • Stop Watch
  • Mat
  • Yourself!

15 Minute Workout

20 Squats

10 Press Ups

20 Mountain Climbers

Repeat 3 times

Rest 30 Seconds

1 Min Alternating Lunges

1 Min Burpees

1 Min Plank

1 Min Spiderman Push Ups

1 Min Leg Raises

1 Min Squat Jumps

Repeat twice


spiderman push up

For technique description of a spiderman push up click here to the Mens Health demo.


You’ll find the workout to challenge your whole body, helping to develop your muscular fitness along side your cardiovascular fitness.

Enjoy your workout!

Yours in fitness